Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome to the Zoomii Books Blog

First post.

Welcome to the Zoomii blog. Let's start things off with some W's

Who? Just me, Chris Thiessen. Of course, the support of my wonderful wife and amazing friends has helped enormously.

Zoomii is like a real bookstore seen through Google Maps.

I had the idea in late 2005, and started work in earnest in late 2006.

World headquarters is my home in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

I love real bookstores. Online bookstores have great prices and selection, but have really bad browsing - they're slow, you see only a few books at a time, you never get a sense of having seen the place. Zoomii rocks for browsing, is always open, and has Amazon's great prices.

And one H.

How? Java on Linux for the server. Javascript on the client. Amazon's amazing EC2 for hosting, S3 for storage, ECS for book information, and affiliate program for paying the bills.

Zoomii's currently in private beta, but if you leave your email address at or I'll be happy to send you an invite.

Feel free to email me for any reason (except spam) at chris.thiessen AAT

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