Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Multitude of Improvements

There's been a long quiet period on this blog but we've been busy all along improving Zoomii. Here's some of the highlights:

A Video Tour shows up when you first enter the store. If you've banished the how-to dialog, you can see it at

The Navigation Bar gives easy access to categories, search, your wishlist and cart. It also lets you get around the store without dragging and using the mousewheel; handy if you actually don't have a mousewheel.

Bigger Selection - We don't have all of Amazon's millions of books yet, but we're up from about 45,000 to over 150,000 searchable for Americans on, and almost 140,000 for Canadians on

The Category Picker was once part of the store map, which meant it flew out of view as soon as you clicked on a category. The new one is accessible wherever you are in the store.

New Categories. The 'Bargains' section has the most-discounted books in the store. The 'Missing Categories' section has the top-ranked books that we haven't had time to put in the right category. It's also a fun grab-bag of otherwise random books.

The Wish List is a great place to collect all the books you want to buy, but just not quite yet.

You can now use the Escape button to close dialogs, cart, wishlist, search, and details. This just makes things quicker and easier.

We've also made a host of improvements behind the scenes to keep your experience fast and responsive, even when we get linked to by sites like and ... We hope. :)

Enjoy the store!

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