Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Post-Launch Blog Posts

Since yesterday, when I opened Zoomii to the public, it's been a bit of a whirlwind. Starting with just two blog posts, and one tweet, word has rippled out to bring over 6,000 people to the site. The site seems to be running smoothly, but nerves keep me glued to my monitoring page and blackberry. Sleep? Hah! :)

There's also been a number of posts that mention Zoomii. These are a few of my favorites:


Thanks everyone!


Libin Pan said...

Thanks Chris for your great job!

Just want to add a new link:

Piyush said...

Thats a great site man...
I did a review myself...
You may also add that to the above list...


Ugo said...

There are to other relevant places zoomii was reviewd:

ReadWriteWeb [link]

Amazon Web Services Blog [link]

BTW, I'd really like to try the system but it never loads for me (always wationg for zoomii.com...).

Avinash Meetoo said...

Hi Chris,

Congratulations! Zoomii is fascinating and I love it! I've blogged on it at:


Keep on the excellent work.

docslm said...

I like searching by categories, but am having difficulty narrowing it to Young Adult fiction. Any suggestions?

Michael said...

Chris, awesome site, really really awesome!

Any chance you might be porting this as a library product in the future? Librarians would *love* to get their hands on a visual browse as clean as this.

I did a brief review on a blog I contribute to: http://infodoodads.com/?p=406

Hit me up if you'd like to bounce ideas for library implementation.

Niki said...

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