Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grand Pre-Opening Day

I've been working on Zoomii a long while - full time since December 2006. I never thought it would take as long as it has, but it's also turned out better than I hoped, I've learned more than I expected, and I've met a lot of great people.

Today the doors start opening. First to the 110 people who already have accounts, and the 200 people waiting for accounts. Then, in a few days, to the general public.

A huge thank you to everyone who's helped Zoomii get to this point with feedback, encouragement, ideas, and investments. I truly appreciate it.



Chica1923 said...

Kick-ass site! Loved the updates (both to the site and the blog). Great job on getting this up and congrats!

Libin Pan said...

Congratulations! Great job on this!

Anand said...

Zoomii rocks, congrats on all the hard work and I'm excited for your launch!!

nicku said...

OMG. I saw your demos at Democamp ans such and have been waiting eagerly for it. everyone around the office is pumped and more than a little bit proud of home grown talent right now. Congratulation to you, and you wife and friends on supporting you in this risk.

Ketan Khairnar said...

guys I don't know you; but love you for the work you have done. This is how online shopping should be. And this is what you can expect at least for searching and ordering books online.

Many people would copy this for other kind of online shopping sites. Keep the good work. One and half years is lot of commitment.

now am back to work :)

Philip S. said...

very nice, congratulations! hope you make lots of referral fees!

Tom Gleeson said...

That's what's great about "real" stores, the ability to visually "embrace" the available options. It's the classic "kid in a candy-store" experience!

Well done, it's not everyday you come across a truly new idea.


Annick Press - Children's Book Publisher said...

Congratulations on launching your website - what an innovative way to bring books and people together!